Asian Handicap:
The Spread of a Soccer/Football match. Common lines are -0.25, -0.5, -0.75 etc.

Against The Spread (ATS):
Betting on a team or player that is giving away or receiving points/goals. The spread is usually read as + or – a number.
For example: Nuggets -9. The -9 would be considered the spread.
The website, individual, or entity that is offering odds on the outcome of sporting events.

Buying Points:
Accepted inferior odds in exchange for an increased spread. Risking more money to receive better odds on a spread.
The bet that is the perception of the public as the most likely winning bet.

When a favorite wins by more than the required number of points in a spread bet.
Example: Nuggets -9 and they win by 10.
Double result:
A bet that combines the result at half-time with the result at full-time.
Even Money:
A bet where you will win profit the amount you risked.
Example: Line is +100 or EV and you risk $100. You will win $200 when the bet wins for a total of $100 profit.
The selection that the bookmakers decide is the most likely winner of the contest. The odds reflect the extent to which the choice is favored.
A long term bet. These bets are usually placed before the beginning of a season. Some exampled of Futures would be: Championship Winners, Season Win Totals, MVP, etc.
Grand Salami:
Betting on the total number of goals for all of the matches on a given slate. Very common in NHL and Soccer/Football.

Betting on both sides of the match to guarantee profit or limit a loss. Very common to hedge out the final match of a parlay for no loss.

The cost of placing a bet.

For example: Nuggets -9 -110. The -110 would be the juice, which equates to 10%.
Laying The Points:
A bet on the favorite in a spread bet.

Another word for odds.

Money line:
Betting on the straight up winner or loser of a match.

Combining 2 or more bets into one bet at greater odds. Each bet in the parlay must win in order for the Parlay to win. If any bet loses at any time, the bet is considered a loss. In the event of a Push or Tie, the odds for the Parlay will be slightly decreased by removing the selected match.

When the contest either ends in a tie, or neither team covers the spread. Bet is considered VOID and you get your money back.
Example: Nuggets -9 -110 and they win by 9.

The predicted scoring differential between two opponents that is determined by the sportsbook.

Taking The Points:
A bet on the underdog in a spread bet.

A type of parlay which offers adjusted point spreads or totals at decreased odds.

See Teasers Explained for more information.
The combined amount of runs, points, or goals by both teams during the game. You can bet on either over, under, or exactly the total determined by the sportsbook.

The selection that the bookmakers decide is the least likely winner of the contest. This is usually shown as + odds or anything over 2.0 odds.